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Welcome to FoodLink Compatible Online Ordering
for Buying Club Members
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Enter your order here to be emailed to your buying club's order collator.
Your order collator will merge member orders and send the compiled order to United Natural Foods.

Using the order form:

  • Use the TAB key to move to the next field.

  • FoodLink Member IDs are assigned by your order collator (do not use your club's UNFI customer number).

  • To order eaches of a shared case, click the Split box (use mouse or spacebar). If you are willing to take extra eaches to complete the case, enter the extra amount in the More box.

  • Order confirmation will come from your buying club's order collator, not from United Natural Foods.


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If you would like a copy of your order, you must print BEFORE sending the order. 
Use the print button in your browser window or go to File and select Print from menu.

A THANK YOU screen will appear after your order is sent.